Touch PRO
Automated Support Service and Effective Marketing Tool

Touch PRO is a revolutionary multi-device for car wash facilities. Equipped with state-of-the-art tecnology, it offers numerous advantages to both users and operators. Touch PRO is not just a simple centralised cash point but also an automated support service and a powerful marketing tool which allows the operator to increase the business. It manages up to 8 different services and dispense complementary products, such as tokens and cards.


  • User friendly touch screen interface for easy sales operations as well as accounting data configuration and collection
  • Graphic and vocal support to guide customer through various operations
  • Payment in coins, banknotes, tokens, cards/keys and bankcards (optional)
  • Change is given
  • Dispense keys, cards and tokens
  • Management of promotional campaigns based on discounts and special offers
  • Incentive to stimulate users to purchase higher price/quality programs
  • Printing of limited-time promotional tickets to increase customer visit frequency
  • Barcode scanning to manage promotions, bonuses and discounts
  • Differentiated pricing per payment method (cash or cashless)
  • Automatic alarms email
  • Automatic accounting email
  • Printing of daily accounting reports by means of a special barcode
  • Exporting of accounting data in CSV format
  • Receipt in case of malfunction and service delivery failure



Integrated program for device configuration. It allows to import and export total and partial accounting data.


Program for consulting, analysing, exporting and printing the accounting data. It allows to set the search filters to get the statistics of marketing operations. Data access is protected by hierarchical passwords.



  • Anti-vandal touch screen
  • RM5 HD coin validator
  • Barcode scanner
  • Thermal receipt printer


  • NV9 USB+ banknote reader
  • Evolution Hopper
  • 2nd Evolution Hopper
  • EuroKey Next cashless system
  • Card dispenser
  • Key dispenser
  • Credit and debit bankcard reader
  • Easy Pay to activate washing program via QR code
  • Direct phone calls through a dedicated line


  • 'Accessible' cabinet
  • Standard cabinet

Technical Specifications

Accessible cabinet-mounted starter Wall-mounted starter
Dimensions (LxHxD) 560 x 1.677 x 551 mm 5512 x 804 x 562,7 mm
Weight 81 kg 53 kg
Power supply voltage 230 VAC 230 VAC
Current consumption 230 VA 230 VA
Operating temperature -15°C to 50°C humidity 10% to 90% not condensed -15°C to 50°C humidity 10% to 90% not condensed

Internet connection required to guarantee the proper functioning of the starter

Coin Capacity 0.5 € 1 € 2 €
1 Evolution Hopper 1500 1500 1200
2 Evolution Hoppers 3000 3000 2400


Operating Manuals Release
Touch PRO Rev. 1.4.1 | June 28, 2017 Download


Touch PRO Datasheet (EN) Download
Touch PRO Datasheet (IT) Download
Touch PRO Datasheet (FR) Download
Touch PRO Datasheet (PL) Download
Carwash Solutions Brochure (EN) Download
Carwash Solutions Brochure (IT) Download
Carwash Solutions Brochure (FR) Download
Carwash Solutions Brochure (PL) Download